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Subject: Re: IBET No sighting: Federal Lawsuit filed to block Obama Center in Jackson Park
Just watched a well-rehearsed Chicago Tonight interview on WTTW that
was full of nothing but puffball questions. The guests were two
people associated with the Obama Center and nobody from the other
side of the story on the very day the other side of the story filed a
federal lawsuit.
In its defense, Chicago Tonight's website describes the segment as a
discussion of the development of the Obama Presidential Center. At least
it is not trying to pass off an infomercial as journalism. Or is it?
A 200+ foot tower and a golf course on the lake shore, which is an
Audubon Important Bird Area, will impact birds and their habitat.
More on the Obama Center development at

Mary Bernat
Thorn Creek Audubon Society
So. Cook & eastern Will counties


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> Awesome.
> Luis Muñoz
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> *Subject:* IBET No sighting: Federal Lawsuit filed to block Obama
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> I hope birders are following the great news that Protect Our Parks,
> Inc. filed a lawsuit in US District Court, that the Chicago Park
> District and city of Chicago don’t have the authority to transfer
> public parkland to a non-governmental entity such as the Obama
> Foundation.>

> Great timing as the Obama Foundation supporters are expected to rally
> and pack the Chicago Plan Commission public hearing on Thursday to
> approve sale/transfer of Chicago Park District land to the city and
> then to private Obama Center Foundation. Note the Library is not a
> real presidential library, but a proposed Obama Center/Campus.>

> **Thursday, May 17 City Plan Commission public hearing**

> **Chicago**** city hall**

> **10 a.m. City Council chambers, 2nd floor**** **


> For further information:[1]


> Carolyn Marsh, bistate bird conservationist, Whiting, IN





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