Date: 5/15/18 2:42 pm
From: Tom Wood <tcwood729...>
Subject: [wisb] White-faced Ibis, Cattle Egret, American Avocets/ Fond du Lac, Dodge Counties
This morning I saw the White-faced Ibis reported yesterday on eBird by Dan
B. and Myles H. . It had apparently been found earlier during a birdathon by
Michael G. according to the eBird report. The location is in Fond du Lac
County in the Eldorado Marsh at the Zimmer Drive access point. This is a
dead-end road south of CTH N, .8 mi. west of I41. I could observe the bird
using my scope from my vehicle. Since the bird was in non-breeding plumage,
I was thankful it was morning and the lighting was excellent because the
only field mark to reliably separate this species in this plumage from
Glossy Ibis is the bright pink iris.
I moved over to Lone Elm Road to look for Cattle Egrets and found none, but
just a short distance south of Lone Elm Road on the west side of STH45,
there was a single Cattle Egret in breeding plumage feeding on the lawn
along with many Ring-billed Gulls.
I then went to Horicon NWR, Dodge County, and wanted to do the autotour, but
it was closed because they were preparing for a burn. I moved directly to
the "Ibis" pond, now more correctly renamed "Stilt" pond by Peter Fissel,
and I and saw 3 breeding-plumaged American Avocets, at least 11 Black-necked
Stilts, and a Common Gallinule. This area is on the south side of STH49,
west of the historical marker and consists of low cattail stubble which
extends for about .3 miles.
Thomas Wood, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County

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