Date: 5/15/18 12:14 pm
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Subject: IBET If you bird at Oakhurst in Kane County
I want to share this with anyone who may go to Oakhurst FP in Kane County...

I went to a spot I usually do not go to and I was happy to find some good warblers. Today I saw two Canada's, two Wilson's and lots of Nashville's and Redstarts. Yesterday I had a Mourning warbler creeping in the shrub layer, as well as the Canada's. There seems to be a a lot of birds in that spot. I'm sure I missed many good birds, because I have a short time to bird before I head to work.

This spot is an area southwest of the lake. The garden plots are just to the east. Fifth Avenue is just south. Its not very big, but there are lots of big and a thick shrub and understory layer.

If you need better directions contact me. Good Birding!

Barb V

Aurora, IL
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