Date: 5/15/18 11:23 am
From: madxofaa <madxofaa...>
Subject: [birders] House Sparrows attacking House Wren box
I need advice on how to stop aggressive House Sparrows from trying to get
into newly occupied House Wren box.
Though they are too big to fit, they poke their heads in and may be trying
to remove the nest.
I also saw a sparrow dive-bomb the female Wren as she was trying to enter
the box.
The male is trying bravely to fend off the sparrows.
When I can I either run outside or open the window and clap my hands, which
scares off the sparrows but not the wrens. But the sparrows eventually
I am afraid that the wrens will either abandon their nest, or one of them
will not survive.

Please offer any thoughts on what to do.
..Bob Maddox (Ann Arbor)

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