Date: 5/15/18 6:42 am
From: Trish G <trishrg62...>
Subject: [wisb] Request for info - Visiting from California
Dear Wisconsin birders,
I will be visiting from the 19th to 23rd to see family in Montello, and do
some power birding.
Target birds are Prairie Chickens which I couldn't find last time, at Buena
Vista Grasslands.
Also Leconte's and Henslow's Sparrows. Fantasy bird would be Kirtland's
Warbler, but I'm guessing that's a pipe dream.
Would also like to find some Warblers, Connecticut, Kentucky, Blue-winged,
Golden-winged, Cerulean, Mourning.
Any Grouse, Woodcock, White-rumped or Upland Sandpipers, if any Snowy Owls
are still around.... I could go on, but I won't. GPS spots work great for
me, as well as intersections, or basic directions. Sister should be able
to get me around.

If anyone would be so kind as to ping me back offline with any details of
where I might look for any of these species, I would greatly appreciate it.
If anyone is ever in Orange County, CA, hit me up for your targets. I would
be happy to help.

Thanks in advance,
Trish Gussler, California

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