Date: 5/14/18 6:36 pm
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [COBOL] Dipper Poop
In watching the Dipper nest I have seen the female (assumption: as the
female seems to be the only member of a family who cleans the toilet)
spend time removing fecal sacs from the nestlings.  In this case if the
chicks extruded sacs and they weren't removed immediately they tumbled
down into the water, OR got 'mushed' into the rock below the nest. 
Yesterday the 'female' spent time picking at bits of previous sacs
spread out on the rock below the nest and carefully carrying each piece
out to a rock some ten feet from the nest and depositing them into the
river to be washed away.  Kids!! Lots of work :-(.


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