Date: 5/14/18 5:56 pm
From: Hakim Barrett <hakimbarrett...>
Subject: [wisb] a good day for warblers
On my way to Bakken's Pond (Lone Rock) early this afternoon I heard an
Ovenbird calling in the Sauk County forest, which was a good start. Just
when I got to Bakken's Pond, even before I got to the dike entrance, I
noticed there were lots of different warblers around. I managed to find the
Yellow-rumped warbler 10

Palm warbler 5

Yellow warbler 2

Common yellowthroat 1

Tennessee warbler 1

Blackpoll warbler 2

Chestnut-sided warbler 2

Cape May warbler 1

American redstart 3

Magnolia warbler 1

Wilson's warbler 2

Mourning warbler 1

Prothonotary warbler 1

Canada warbler 1

I ended up having a record 15 warbler species for the day, I don't ever
recall having this many warbler species in one afternoon. Other great
highlights included a beautiful male Scarlet tanager, a Yellow-throated
vireo, and a Warbling vireo. Feel free to view my full checklist here

Hakim Barrett
Sauk County


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