Date: 5/14/18 5:40 pm
From: Jacque Brown <bluebird2...>
Subject: White-winged Doves, Centerton.
For anyone who might still be interested both WW Doves are still in the area. I left work at 4:30 today made a quick stop and was home by 5:00.

I came home today with one sitting in the tree top behind my house. White wing gleaming in the sun.

I can tell the two songs apart. I was dreaming their songs last night. Great dream!

At any rate, one’s Who Cooks for You sounds hoarse, while the other’s is more clear. One tends to go through the whole song plus who cooks for you, and one likes the Who Cooks for You part more. I have the hoarse song in the yard most often while the clear song is a yard or two away, usually to the north.

Just going by the weekend the best time is early in the day or after 4 pm.

Today I was watching “Hoarse” walking around on my arbor that the feeders are hanging on and a Eurasian-collared Dove came in. The WWD ran it off. The ECD kept trying to come in and the WWD kept running it off. I hadn’t seen this before today.

I don’t know if I should assume “Hoarse" is the male or female. I’ve only seen the two together one time.

At any rate I’ll be home Friday and Saturday for sure. I’m having a yard sale. But feel free to come by to sit in the back yard anytime. If you come just make sure you close the gates.

The Cardinal decided the porch was not a good place to nest and abandoned her nest even though I avoided using that door. So you can sit anywhere.

I also have a male and female Baltimore Oriole visiting the grape preserves.

And a pair of Catbirds which also like the preserves.

I had a nesting pair of Catbirds last year in the Native Honeysuckle

Jacque Brown
240 Township Dr, Centerton
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