Date: 5/14/18 5:18 pm
From: Gerald Kruth <00000005ead0dac6-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Oriole Tragedy Averted: Montco
John, thanks for your efforts.

I was at Tionesta Creek once and saw Balt Oriole struggling in fishing line. I was able to release the critter. But at 528 bridge in Moraine, there was the macabre Cliff Swallow dangling after strangling from fishing line caught up in the mud made into nests.

Point -- there ought to be more EDUCATION (and penalties when they can be found) for careless, idiot fishermen who are just to lazy too clean up after themselves and leave these death traps behind. Too bad there isn't a LIST for them.

Jerry Kruth

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From: Anne Annibali <anneanni...>
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Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Oriole Tragedy Averted: Montco

Glad for your successful outcome. I've had similar problems with deer netting -- two tragedies and one rescue -- so I've replaced it all with larger grid plastic to protect my flower beds.

Anne Annibali,

Mt. Gretna, Lebanon County

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Subject: [PABIRDS] Oriole Tragedy Averted: Montco

Late this afternoon I decided to take one last walk down to the creek at the back of the yard. There I spotted a female Baltimore Oriole dangling from a tree branch and struggling to free itself from a tangle of monofilament fishing line. Maybe she was looking for nesting material.
By the time I got to the other side, the bird was sitting quietly, clamped onto the branch as best it could. Fortunately, the branch was hanging over the water near the bank and not particularly high. After snipping off a few branches, I could secure her enough to cut and untangle the fishing line which was completely wrapped around the poor bird.
Unfolded my hand, and off she flew.
They say timing is everything in life. Perhaps so. That would have been a very distressing situation for both of us had I decided to stay in the house until tomorrow morning.
(And yes, I removed all the remaining fishing line I could find in the tree.)
John Ward
Harleysville, PA
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