Date: 5/14/18 4:13 pm
From: Carol Joan Patterson <0000003a0ccbe138-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Fw: Bird Identification
Perhaps somebody will be able to answer this question.....

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Joanie A quick question on a bird identification. I had a woodpecker at the feeder today that was flicker sized and appeared to be between a juvenile and an adult in coloration.  It was a very dark woodpecker and had a cream colored nape and around to his chest.  However on his chest there was a oblong dark coloration versus the cream colored area on a Lewis’s Woodpecker.  Additionally, the cream color on his nape joined with a cream color that ran under his eye.  There was no red on the face.  The breast had some rose coloring but was not prominent.  His tail had a very prominent two long feathers.  Basically, I can not identify this bird with any certainty.  Do you have any suggestions. JackJack and Margie Wingate
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