Date: 5/14/18 3:10 pm
From: Kojo Baidoo <baidookojo6...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Yard Mississippi Kite!!! (Baltimore County)
So, after a wonderful afternoon nap, I decided to go fill my feeders. As I've had a female Blue Grosbeak visiting for the past week and a half, I looked out of the window, and what I saw surprised me. A medium sized raptor was soaring fairly low over the yard, and the first thing that I noticed was that it was quite long-winged. My first guess was Peregrine, which would only be my second ever in the yard, so I got binoculars on it, but what I saw surprised me quite a lot. The 'hands' of the bird, or the outer part of the wing where the primaries are located, were flared out, which could only mean one thing: MISSISSIPPI KITE! I ran outside and got several photographs of the bird before it streamed south, and then a couple more when it appeared two or three minutes later a lot higher (with my FOS Common Nighthawk) before really going on south. What a bird!!! What has affected me the most is that if I had decided to look out of the window two minutes or even a minute later or not elected to look outside at all, I would have completely missed it. Photos are attached, and a more complete report of what I've recently been seeing is on its way.

Good Birding,

Kojo Baidoo
Reisterstown, MD

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