Date: 5/14/18 12:54 pm
From: Young, John (DPU) <john.young...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] RE: Spotted not-striped-worm-eater 5/12
I apologize to Massbirders for a post probably a shade too cute. Translation: I saw what surely is the same bird as described previously by Eddie Giles and also by Lisa Schibley at Wompatuck in Hingham, which is a worm-eating warbler with no black stripes on its head (at least on its right side!!). There was the slightest impression of striping, the way I saw it, in the tones of golden buff, but I have nothing else to add to the prior descriptions. Cheers and happy birding!
John Young
Jamaica Plain

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With a quick pull Saturday morning from birdathoners Jim S. and Wayne P., I got a look at Giles' Unstriped Warbler, Helmitheros sansstripus, at Wompatuck State Park, Gate G8. There was a fully striped compadre at the same location. Cool bird.

John Young

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