Date: 5/14/18 12:38 pm
From: Randy Rowe <rowe926...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Mohican State Park, covered bridge along Clear Fork River
My wife and I birded along the river above and below the covered bridge in
Mohican state park this morning from 9-11:30am. We managed to miss the rain
storm that came later. Birds were singing nicely in the trees. We saw
several warblers well (black-throated blue, yellow-rumped, Am. redstart,
Canada, Louisiana waterthrush) and several more quickly at a distance
(cerulean, N. parula, chestnut-sided, hooded). There were several cerulean
warblers singing, but all were way high in the canopy and hard to see.
Thrushes were common. We saw several of three species (veery, Swainson's,
wood), as well as several red-eyed and yellow-throated vireos. A winter
wren was singing nicely across the river near the downstream end of the B
camp. In total we saw 33 species of birds and heard 9 more. Randy Rowe,


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