Date: 5/14/18 11:57 am
From: john flannigan <rublzrme...>
Subject: Migrants-Allegheny county
As everyone else has stated birds were quite active tis morning. Although I did not see a large variety of birds at Frick Park this morning , before the rain there were good numbers of migrants including warblers: Bay-breasted Magnolia Tennessee Black-throated Blues Canada Redstarts and also many Swainsons thrushes and that was all in a limited section of the park. I witnessed some warblers feeding on the ground within feet of me including Tennessee Black-throated Blue Yellow-rumped and Canada . The Bay-breasted were singing and quite tame oftentimes only a few yards away. Always nice to get good close looks at migrants especially warblers.

Enjoy your birding,

John Flannigan

Allegheny County
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