Date: 5/14/18 8:46 am
From: Herb and Sarah Myers <hesemyers...>
Subject: Extra Special Birds
I had a new privilege this past weekend of being the bird leader on some
walks at the 57th annual Wildflower Pilgrimage headquartered at Blackwater
Falls State Park. It was fun, especially helping a newer birder hear and
see her "wish bird" - an Eastern Meadowlark.

On the walk Friday at Cathedral State Park, I was thrilled to find a male
Wilson's Warbler. It was in a shrubby field just outside of the virgin
hemlock forest. I was excited enough to compose an ode.

*Ode to a Wilson’s Warbler*

Little yellow bird

Flitting in the shrubs

Not sitting still

Not singing

Yellow Warbler


Wings too dark

Female American Goldfinch


Eye too black

There is the cap

Little black cap


Wilson’s Warbler

Special little


Western bird

Safe travels

On Saturday at the Gaudineer Scenic Area, it was very windy and hot.
However, it was so special being in the red spruce forest with a floor of
spongy bazzania liverwort. Around us, the Winter Wrens were singing. It was
a holy place.

Then yesterday, Sarah and I helped with the Tucker County Migratory Bird
Count. We stopped along Butcher's Ridge Road to try to see the Cerulean
Warblers that were singing. One of the first birds I saw was a female
Bay-breasted Warbler. Shortly thereafter, a male appeared. To think that we
traveled all the way to Magee Marsh to see our first Bay-breasted Warbler
in breeding plumage and here they were almost in our backyard!

Lastly, today we had our first Veerys singing here on our walk up the
mountain. It made it worth getting drenched by an early morning storm on
our way down - at least I thought so. Herb Myers, Harman, Randolph County
also reporting from Tucker, Preston and Pocahontas Counties.
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