Date: 5/14/18 7:38 am
From: Gordon Dimmig <gwd0005...>
Subject: Henslow's Sparrow and others - Monongalia County
This morning I heard a Henslow's Sparrow energetically singing in the
fields on John Fox Road in Monongalia County. This is the first observation
for this location since 2014 according to eBird. Along with the Henslow's
were several Grasshopper Sparrows, Bobolinks, and meadowlarks.

Here's my eBird checklist at John Fox Road for location details and a

Earlier in the morning I walked the road at the nearby Little Indian Creek
WMA. Highlights were a singing male Blue Grosbeak, Wilson's Warbler, Alder
Flycatcher, and both cuckoos amidst tons of Prairie Warblers, chats, and
Blue-winged Warblers.


Gordon Dimmig
Morgantown, WV
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