Date: 5/13/18 6:14 pm
From: Jeffrey Cowell <jeffrey.g.cowell...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Mississippi Kite Breeding Pair in Residential Area
I’m new to LA so don’t know if a pair of kites nesting in a suburban area
is unusual or not; this is in Shenandoah Estates. If anyone should want to
observe there are chairs on the porch at 15843 Chantilly Ave. Birds have
been observed mating in the tallest evergreen tree SW across the street.
Both male and female stay within a couple of hundred yards early in the
morning, then soar as heat increases. Nesting activity is in a shorter
tree about 15 degrees right of the tall tree.
Jeff Cowell
Baton Rouge LA
(615) 870-4892


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