Date: 5/13/18 3:07 pm
From: Steve Mullen <gungagalunga23...>
Subject: [wisb] Mascoutin Valley Trail Today - Winnebago Co.
Hello, I went looking for Stilts and Ibis species this a.m. at M.V.S.T. and
whiffed. This place has had Black and Forsters Terns, Black Necked Stilts
and an Ibis in recent years.
Highlights included Sora and Virginia Rail. The walk down the trail was
void of Warblers and other migrants as well. The pond itself had one hen
Hooded Merg., a few Gadwall and a pair of Redheads.
I did not see any Terns or Gulls for that matter. This place is west of
Rush Lake on Meadowbrook Rd.
I checked the farm pond on the west side of Custer Rd. moments later and
whiffed on rarities there also. It did have an Am. Wigeon and 4 Green
Winged Teal. One Great Egret was present.
This place is back off the road a bit. It is south of Rush Lake and east of
Ripon in Fond du Lac Co.

Finally i checked the ponds between Omro and Oshkosh this aft. in Winnebago
Co. and had similar results. The wet area east side of Sand Pit Rd. north
of Hwy 21 had a single Killdeer and nothing else. the Sand Pit Rd. pond
further south of Omro/4th Street Rd (west side) had a couple Mallards and
one Great Egret.

I guess birds are finding more options with the high water lately.

Steve Mullen, Oshkosh, Winnebago Co.

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