Date: 5/13/18 10:41 am
From: Jackson Mesick <jacksonmesick...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [HMBirds] Horned grebe, grasshopper sparrows, migrants - Albany County
Hi everyone,

Apologies for this delayed email. I've been out scouting for the Century
Run a few times since Thursday (we have to do ours Tuesday due to
conflicts, so unfortunately we can't be part of the club event this year),
and I wanted to mention some highlights:

Grasshopper sparrows are at both the airport (5/10/18, on the east side,
just before the curve on Sicker Rd.; savannah sparrows also present there)
and at the Crossings (5/12/18, in the grassy lawn / weedy areas just
northwest of the southern parking lot).

Single bay-breasted and magnolia warblers were at Normanskill Farm on
5/11/18. Just past the first buildings, there's a little wooden bridge over
a gully near the stream that's broken down and roped off. Both birds were
around there.

Yesterday, a horned grebe was seen by looking upstream from the crescent
power plant (by walking along the road over to the north shore of that
peninsula, around the fenced off area). A solitary sandpiper was in the
same vicinity.

Also yesterday, a common loon was at Tibbits Avenue and all five swallows
(not purple martin) were at Cohoes Flats. Cohoes Flats also hosted a male
northern shoveler as well as a single semipalmated plover and about 15-20
least sandpipers.

Lastly, I was at Thatcher Park this morning and had a nice pocket of
migrant warblers including two Cape Mays, a magnolia, a blackburnian
(probably a migrant) and a Nashville (also probably a migrant). There was
also a drumming ruffed grouse, a brown creeper building a nest, and various
other expected breeders (hermit thrush, red-breasted nuthatch, Louisiana
Waterthrush, other breeding blackburnians, etc.).

Again, sorry for sending all of this in one big chunk and much of it
belatedly. I literally got off a plane on Thursday and was at Ann Lee Pond
within a half an hour or so. Happy to provide more details on any of these
birds if anyone is curious.

Good birding! And good luck to everyone doing the club century run!

Jackson Mesick
East Greenbush, NY and Chicago, IL

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