Date: 5/13/18 10:34 am
From: Nickilas Paulson <grendelpgill...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Birdathon highlights. Bristol/Worcester Counties
Howdy all,
I hope everyone had fun and good birding for Biradathon and hopefully got some good sleep last night like I did.
My father and I birded areas in Worcester County(Bolton Flats WMA and Owling Friday and Upton SF and my yard Saturday afternoon) and Bristol County Saturday morning to early afternoon(Fairhaven, Dartmouth and Westport areas), with a nap between midnight and 3am. We ended up with 154 species over the 24 hours. Craziest miss was White-breasted Nuthatch, also Hermit Thrush and Kingfisher. We also missed targets in Upton SF Saturday afternoon in the rain, specifically Goshawk and GC Kinglet. We ended the day in my yard where there was a major warbler fallout with well over 100 warblers. Most were Parulas, BT Greens and Yellow-rumps. But also good numbers of Blackpolls, Magnolias and Cape Mays. Like any Birdathon we had flashes of sightings or songs that we could not nail down like a flushed all yellow green medium passerine that may have been a Summer Tanager, but too quick to be sure at Allen's Neck trails Dartmouth

Here are the highlights of the 154 species.
Blue-winged Teal - 2m/1f Bolton Flats
Green-winged Teal - 2m/1f Bolton Flats
all 3 scoters - Gooseberry
Pied-billed Grebe - Egypt Lane pair
Great Cormorant - Gooseberry
Least Bittern, A Bittern, King Rail, Moorhen, Woodcock, Whip-poor-will, Nighthawk, Vesper Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow and Horned Lark - Bolton Flats WMA
Clapper Rail - Egypt lane
16 shorebird species
Purple Sandpiper - Gooseberry
Western Sandpiper - flew in to Allen's Pond pannes with a large flock of Dunlin(50+) and Semipalmated(20+) Sandpipers early in the morning a little after high tide. Breeding plumage, nice bold reddish scapulars and head.
Iceland Gull - Gooseberry
Roseate Terns - huge flock(140+) at the southern point of Gooseberry. Many Common and Least Terns as well. Some mating, got to hear an assortment calls.
Long-eared Owl - known nesting spot
Barred Owl - owling and Upton SF Saturday afternoon
Pileated WP - near my house
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - Division Road
Alder Flycatcher - S Dartmouth
White-eyed Vireo - one of my main targets, it took all day to finally get one in the rain at our last spot to check in Acoaxet. it is funny the difference a week makes, if the Birdathon is the later week, they are all over, if early they are hard to find.
Philadelphia Vireo - in large warbler flock in my yard, 154th species seen at 5:57pm Saturday.
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - Allen's Neck
21 Warbler Species - 7 in last 20 minutes in my yard.
Worm-eating Warbler - Division Road with a Blue-winged Warbler trying to copy it's song.
Nelson's Sparrow - Allen's Pond
Seaside Sparrow - Allen's Pond

have fun
Nickilas Paulson
Upton, Ma
grendelpgill@yahoo com

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