Date: 5/13/18 9:19 am
From: David Govatski <david.govatski...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Pondicherry Bird Day Results Saturday 12 May 2018 in Jefferson and Whitefield, NH
The 18th Annual Pondicherry Migratory Bird Day was held on Saturday 12 May 2018 from 6 Am to 4 PM. Over sixty bird enthusiasts participated in this event including several guides who led small groups. We recorded a total of 102 species including 20 warbler species on a beautiful sunny and calm day in the North Country. We started the day at Airport Marsh in Whitefield where we saw a variety of wetland and grassland bird species including Bobolink, Brown Thrasher, Green Heron, Great Blue Heron, Savanna Sparrow and Vesper Sparrow.

We regrouped two hours later to spend the rest of the day in the heart of the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge. Some of the best birding was at Waumbek Junction where spruce-fir forest, alder swamp, Cherry Pond and the John’s River meet. This is where we saw Cape May, Bay-breasted, Blackpoll and Palm Warblers in addition to several of the more common warblers. At Moorhen Marsh along the Rail Trail we saw several Marsh Wrens and heard Virginia Rail. On Cherry Pond we saw two Common Loons. At the edge of Cherry Pond we enjoyed watching a pair of Northern Harriers. The Little Cherry Pond trail provided an opportunity to see a male Black-backed Woodpecker in the spruce-fir forest. We also spotted a Merlin flying overhead and calling. The only notable miss was mourning dove that was easily found the following day. We also noted 21 species of flowering plants, painted and snapping turtles, and spring peepers, pickerel and green frogs. The next few weeks should provide additional opportunities to see migratory birds.

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David Govatski
Jefferson, N. H.

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