Date: 5/13/18 1:14 am
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] GallantWoods-DelawareLake,5-12:Egrets,warblers
We stopped by these two Delaware County migrant traps this morning and
weren't disappointed. Both had good activity of thrushes, warblers,
orioles, and flycatchers, as well as some un-expecteds. Gallant Woods now
has 2 small wetlands that had attracted some shorebirds & egrets.
Panhandle Rd in the Delaware Wildlife area also had some residual wetlands,
which should enlarge with the expected rain this week. Notables for the
day included:

Egrets - Gallant Woods wetlands had 5 Great Egrets, while Panhandle Rd had
1 Snowy Egret

Sandpipers - Gallant Woods wetland had 2 Solitaries and 1 unidentified
peep, while Panhandle Rd had 2 Solitaries, 4 Least, and 2 Semipalmated

Woodpeckers - at least 2 Red-headed were around the disc golf course at
Delaware St.Park, and Diana briefly saw a sapsucker there as well.

Flycatchers - Pewees, Great Cresteds, and E.Kingbirds were common at both
sites. Gallant Woods also had Willow & Least Flycatchers, while Delaware
St. Park had Least and Acadian

Vireos - Red-eyed were common at both sites, but Gallant Woods had
Yellow-throated, while Delaware St Park added Warblings

Thrushes - Swainsons were abundant at both spots, and each had a few Wood
Thrushes. Gallant Woods also had a Veery and Gray-cheeked

Mimids - Catbirds were abundant at both spots, while Gallant Woods added a
Brown Thrasher

Chat - Gallant Woods had a singing Yellow-br.Chat around the small wetland
loop trail

Warblers - plenty at both Gallant Woods (15) and Delaware St.Park (14), but
the wind picked up at Panhandle so the totals there were negligible.
Included in the tally were Parula, Yellow, Nashville, Tennessees (common),
Magnolias (common), Chestnut-sided (common), Blackburnian, Black-thr.Green,
Black-thr.Blue, Black&White, AmerRedstarts (common), Ovenbirds,
N.Waterthrush, Mourning, Canada

Grosbeaks,Buntings - Indigo Buntings were common at both spots, and both
had singing Rose-br.Grosbeaks

Orioles - Baltimores were common at Gallant Woods and abundant at Delaware
St.Park (15-20). Each site also had Orchard orioles; Delaware St.Park had
an Orchard pair building a nest in a big pine right at the entrance to the
marina parking area


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