Date: 5/12/18 8:52 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: update on city lake
I spent about half an hour there today just doing a short walk to check
out the dickcissels.  The grasses and other plants are still long/tall
and I'd have to guesstimate at least 20 dickcissels there... My guess is
that the city will still mow eventually. I can't imagine the city will
leave it tall very long. Can't say for sure.  Some of these birds looked
like they were being territorial... female perched and one male chasing
another away.
The assumption, I think, and what one would hope would be, is that the
lower, and wet, prairie type area would be a decent home for them. But
that area... well, thankfully they have actual signs up for that and
another area saying it's for butterfly habitat and not to mow. But this
area doesn't have as much tall green grasses and the dickcissels are ALL
in the area that would typically be mowed.
I'm not sure what, if anything, can be done there.  One day, that's
supposed to be a disc golf course...  Til then, they try to "maintain" it.

Field trip there next Saturday. Should be a good day. There haven't been
a TON of warblers there yet but I'm not usually out there in the morning
either. Did find baltimore and orchard orioles today. The cliff swallows
were LOVING the field... normally I see those at the other end of the
lake. Eastern kingbirds, scissor-tailed flycatchers... and some of my
favorite regulars, red-headed woodpeckers, and pileated, and a common
yellowthroat flew right over me singing.

Should be a good trip Saturday. The grasses are high, for now, which
will be good for some of the birds. The trail they've put in since last
year is a little rough in spots but is an actual trail so you can easily
bird without getting into the weeds.
For those that might make it, if you're interested... here's a printable
checklist from Ebird of all the birds that have been reported there in
the past. Some are rare and some are seasonal but, the printable
checklist is one of many cool features on Ebird. :)

(hopefully that link will work)

Daniel Mason

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