Date: 5/12/18 6:51 pm
From: Warblerick <ricksussman1955...>
Subject: [MDBirding] MIKI over yard
After missing out on May Count due to family obligations, and having to rebuild my gas grill this afternoon, I was anxious to get out for a short walk around the yard at 6:30 ahead of the coming storms. Just 5 minutes into my walk I saw a large raptor flying in above the treetops, coming from the East, and heading out over my neighbors pastures. Just a very short view before it disappeared behind the trees, so I headed to an open spot for a better view, and started processing what I was seeing. Long, tapered, pointy wings (with a shortened first primary), flared triangle shaped tail, Bingo, Mississippi Kite! It flew back across the corner of my yard, disappearing again over my neighbors treetops. But, miraculously, it came back and flew right over me, briefly, feeding on the wing, before it circled once more and headed back across the treetops, and out of sight. It flew above the trees at a height of about 60 or so feet most of the time I watched. This was needless to say, a new yard bird (No. 161) and FOY bird No. 93 for the year.
A short while after this, I was out on the deck watching the skies as the storms approached from the west, and saw a single Common Nighthawk flying around in the gray. FOY bird No. 94.
Rick Sussman
SW Carroll County

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