Date: 5/12/18 4:57 pm
From: Peter Fissel <peter.fissel...>
Subject: [wisb] UW Arboretum today
After going to the native plant sale at the UW Arboretum late this morning, I stopped at the Wingra Woods parking lot to bird for a bit. There was quite a bit of activity right around the parking lot and along the edges of Gallistel Woods across the road, so I mostly stuck to that and only went a little ways down a couple trails. There were several warbler waves, with good looks at many, although there were also lots more way up in the canopy and backlit, so they eluded ID. I heard a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher calling plaintively several times, and then spotted it in a nearly leafless tree on the edge of the gardens near the pinetum. Eye level, less than 20 feet away. My kind of bird.

I was getting hungry and still had errands to run, so I headed back to the parking lot. I was just pulling out when I saw the Bridges coming back to their car. Cynthia asked if I'd heard about all the good birds that were seen there that morning (nope.) After she told me about the Kentucky, Hooded and Black-throated Blue all seen in Wingra and Gallistel, I pulled back in and grabbed my bins and a granola bar. I was headed down to the Big Spring when I spotted something yellow in a big patch of tiny maples. It was a Hooded Warbler, foraging on the ground about ten feet away. There was also a Golden-winged, and I had a brief glimpse of a Canada and several other species, all in the foot-high maple seedlings. Chestnut-sided were everywhere. Down by the spring, a couple dozen Yellow-rumps were actively fly-catching over the water. Quite a sight. I headed east for the Skunk Cabbage Bridge, and had knockout looks at Blackpoll and two more Canadas along the edge of the marsh. The
re were tons more up in the canopy that were too backlit to make out. Lots of Nashvilles and a Black-throated Green singing almost constantly, along with the Chestnut-sideds. I'd only been at the Skunk Cabbage Spring for a little while when I heard thunder, so I hot-footed it back to my car, only stopping to look at one or two birds. I made it to the car just as it really started to rain and the thunder got louder. Unbelievably, a guy pulled in and got out of his car and headed into the woods. How stupid are people about lightning? Yeesh.

I think the Arb will be hopping tomorrow morning. Too bad I'll be leading walks up at Horicon for the Bird Festival. I can only hope it's as good up there.

Peter Fissel

Madison, Dane Co.

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