Date: 5/12/18 11:13 am
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: the past week
May 7 - FOS female Indigo Bunting, last sighting of White-throated Sparrow, FOS/LOS White-crowned Sparrow singing in yard for two days only.

May 9 - American Crow fledglings begging. Carolina Wrens successfully nesting in hanging planter fern.

May 10 - FOS Wilson's Warbler, FOS American Redstart. Last sighting of Orchard Orioles & Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Great-crested Flycatchers seem to be everywhere now. American Crows set up racket in middle of night and no fledglings have been heard or seen begging since then.

May 11 - FOS Eastern Wood Peewee. Baltimore Orioles make very few brief visits to oranges and jelly, but can be heard and seen flying around in treetops. RT Hummingbirds, cowbirds, catbirds, and squirrels eating oranges and jelly now. At least 36 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds visiting native honeysuckle & feeders in evening! Unusually high numbers for May.

May 12 - Only 1 Baltimore Oriole visits oranges in morning. Red-headed Woodpeckers (2 pair) continue to set up housekeeping in Shortleaf Pine snags & visit feeders. Ovenbirds in usual territories. Louisiana Waterthrushes in territories up and downstream. Don spies and hears FOS Prothonotary Warbler in usual downstream location.

Ninestone, Carroll County

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