Date: 5/12/18 10:30 am
From: David Davis via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Tanager ID Question
With regard to the ID question I posted on May 9, the jury’s verdict is in, and while not quite unanimous, it came out strongly in favor of Summer Tanager. Many thanks to the eleven of you who replied. Ten declared the bird a Summer Tanager; of the half who stated reasons, the common thread was large, pale bill, and wings not significantly darker than the body. The only dissenting opinion—that it was a Scarlet Tanager—was qualified by the commenter’s admission of having most of his experience with Scarlet Tanagers.

As is probably obvious, I was 95% certain that it was a Summer Tanager; otherwise, I would not have posted an ID help request. My reasons were the same as those that others stated. Sadly, the bird moved on after only a two-day visit. One can only hope that she found a mate and headed off to greener pastures, er, woodlands.

Thanks again and good birding.

Dave Davis

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