Date: 5/12/18 4:42 am
From: Thomas Fiore <tomfi2...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] apparent 1st-year male Kirtland's Warbler Central Park NYC 5/11-12
Friday & Saturday, 11-12 May, 2018 -

The now-singing softly KIRTLAND’S WARBLER, seen again in the same area near the Central Park (Manhattan, New York City) West Drive - park roadway - and just north of a park entrance at West 90th St. & Central Park West, is an apparent first-spring male, by the combination of subdued plumage features with it’s now reported & observed singing a bit, as it was not (repoirted to) on Friday, & my prior post (with far more reporting) thus amended as to the likely sex of this rarity. Thanks to ornithologist Kevin Bennett for alerting us on-scene early Saturday, May 12th.

PLEASE DO NOT play any recordings of this bird, or others, in the vicinity of this warbler, as many (probably many hundreds) will be wanting to have a chance to observe, visually and aurally this rare species with no disturbance to the bird itself and also no unneeded disturbance to the aural landscape within hearing (i.e. within some hundreds of feet) of this & adjacent birds. Let’s all self-police in this & other obvious respects, in order that order & commonsense is maintained for & by a gathering of birders & others with interest that is sure to grow to very large size.

There will be patrols by the N.Y. Police Dept. & Parks Dept. as well as other officials (in & out of uniforms) to assist in any situations, but we can make it easier by not allowing any “situations” to occur which would be detrimental to the birds, to their observers, and to the general public and our NYC first-responders and others who will be out & about where this, and many other birds are going to be observed this weekend.

Thanks & good luck,

Tom Fiore


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