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This is the bird email I get daily. Not sure how to subscribe but maybe you can write to them.
See Bob’s article “North Maine Woods Again” below and then click on the link for Bob’s video. 

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- good morning at Kennebunk Plains - 1 Update
- Orchard Oriole - 2 Updates
- Biddeford Pool 5/11 - 1 Update
- Baltimore Orioles in N. Whitefield - 2 Updates
- Bradbury Mountain State Park (10 May 2018) 8 Raptors - 1 Update
- North Maine Woods...again - 1 Update
- Ruby-throated hummer at Roque Bluffs - 1 Update
- Saturday May 12th, Sanford Lagoons open 7 AM to 11 AM - 1 Update
- Purple Finch pair. - 1 Update
- Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Brunswick - 1 Update
good morning at Kennebunk Plains
| Paul Wells <pfwells51...>: May 11 02:25PM -0400

Sally and I enjoyed a nice 2.5 hour stroll around the southerly portion of
the Maguire Road section of the Kennebunk Plains this morning. A couple of
the gullies out in the hinterlands are good "warbitat." Numerous
Chestnut-sided (FOYs) and Prairie warblers were the highlights. Lots of
Towhees, too. Full report at eBird:
Paul F. Wells
West Kennebunk, ME
"That’s the good thing about science: It’s true whether or not you believe
in it."
--Neil deGrasse Tyson

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| e <pegfamhist...>: May 11 06:02AM -0400

Orchard Oriole continues today. Also RB Grosbecks, Bal. Orioles , etc. Your welcome to visit just go to back door and ring bell.
Peggy Blair
65 Pleasant St.
| Dave Thompson <mainedave12...>: May 11 09:58AM -0700

Saw my foy in gorham this morning.

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| Monica Grabin <grabinmonica...>: May 11 07:48AM -0700

At South Point Sanctuary, lots of eye-level views of No. Parula, Black and
White, Magnolia, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, and Yellow Warbler.
Behind the Firehouse, I finally got a look at a Chestnut-Sided Warbler, and
2 gorgeous male Scarlet Tanagers. Also, BT Green, Magnolia, No. Parula,
Redstart, and lots of Black and Whites.
Along with a very cooperative Ovenbird at the Elphis Road pond, a fine

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| Kit Pfeiffer <kit.pfeiffer.maine...>: May 11 04:10AM -0700

Two males and a female came into the yard at 6:30 this morning, glowing in
the early sunshine.
| Julia Hanauer-Milne <windyridgemaine...>: May 11 07:56AM -0400

I had one in Sidney yesterday morning at my oranges.
On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 7:10 AM, Kit Pfeiffer <kit.pfeiffer.maine...>

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| Derek Lovitch <freeportwildbird...>: May 10 09:36PM -0400


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| "Bob Duchesne" <duchesne...>: May 10 08:10PM -0400

It's scouting season. Having scouted for the birding festivals earlier this
week, I turned my attention to the tours I will be leading with Seth Benz
and Schoodic Institute later. (Not a solicitation. The tours are full.)
Two days in the North Maine Woods were highly entertaining. The spruce
grouse get downright goofy this time of year, and the woodpeckers are
drumming everywhere during the morning hours. In one patch of woods west of
Chamberlain Lake, my wife and I encountered three different breeding
territories of black-backed woodpeckers, all within easy walking distance of
each other. It's weird when black-backed woodpeckers are the most common
woodpeckers around. Finches are still going nuts up thataway.

For an entertaining recap, see:

Bob Duchesne
Woodpecker Whisperer
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| Carol Muth <suzmuth...>: May 10 07:37PM -0400

a male- he's been here every half hour or so between 4:00 and 7:30. There
was one at our neighbor's house yesterday.

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| "A. P. A. Aldrich" <aaldrich1955...>: May 10 07:21PM -0400

Hi All,
The Sanford Lagoons are open Saturday May 12th From 7 AM to 11 AM.
Andy Aldrich
North Berwick

| Eric Eklund <fbtours...>: May 10 06:51PM -0400

Happy to report seeing a male INDIGO BUNTING this morning enjoying the black oil seed with the Goldfinches.
Eric E
Highland Lake

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| Barbara <herpartb...>: May 10 05:39PM -0400

Very excited to a pair, m and f, of Purple Finch at my one feeder this afternoon. I doubt they are nesting near here, but I'm still hoping the phoebe and titmouse will. Chippie and cardinal possible too...hopefully. Sorry, no new migrants here. Hope to go find some.
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| Karin <khopps...>: May 10 02:10PM -0700

A lovely female, eating cracked corn on the wooden railing of our deck this

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