Date: 5/11/18 6:16 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] AlumLakeBeach,Highbanks,5-11:turnstone,swallows,warblers
I took some time to visit these two parks north of Columbus today, and had
migration still sputtering along. At Alum Creek Lake, I roamed around the
beach and Visitors Center woods, while at Highbanks I hiked the Coyote
Trail. The beach at Alum Creek Lake didn't have a godwit, but still held
the Black-bellied Plover, as well as a scruffy-looking Ruddy Turnstone and
3-4 Spotted Sandpipers. Landbirds between there and Highbanks MetroPark

-Flycatchers - multiple Wood Pewees and Great Cresteds at both spots, but
the Alum Creek Lake Beach also had a few Willow Flycatchers, and Highbanks
had Acadian and Leasts

-Swallows - the Alum Cr.Lake Beach had Tree, Cliff, Barn, and Bank
Swallows, as well as Purple Martins

-Vireos - Red-eyed were the most common at both sites with 3-4 at each,
while ALum Lake also had 2 Warbling, and Highbanks had a White-eyed and 2

-Thrushes - Swainsons still common, with 3-4 at each site. Highbanks also
had a Wood and a late Hermit thrush

-Warblers - neither location had large numbers. ALum Cr. lake had 6
species, while Highbanks had 12, with the list including Yellow (5+ at Alum
Beach area), Tennessees, Magnolias (4+ at Highbanks), Black-thr.Green,
Yellow-rumped, Black&White, Blackburnian, Redstarts (5+ at Highbanks),
Ovenbirds, LaWaterthrush, ComYellowthroats, Kentucky (1 at Highbanks)

-Tanagers - Scarlets were singing at both sites, while Highbanks had a
Summer tanager

-Buntings,Grosbeaks - Indigo Buntings were common at both spots; also had
singing Rose-br.Grosbeaks at both spots

-Orioles - much quieter, with only 1-2 Baltimores at each spot.


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