Date: 5/11/18 3:55 pm
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Subject: IBET Tree Sparrow. Is this a fledged House Finch? Lake county
A Tree Sparrow came to our deck today where they fed all winter, so I wonder if it may have been one of the birds that wintered here. The Crane kids are getting larger. The adults made some pretty big holes digging for worms and other bugs. I took photos of the Tree Sparrow, and I also got some photos of what I thought was a romantic male house finch feeding a female, but when looking at the photos, it looks like it may actually be a juvenile. Isn't it early to see juvenile House Finches in this area? It did not have the usual fuzz on its head that the newly fledged usually have, but the plumage of the bird in the photo is very fresh. So my question is? Is this a juvenile House Finch being fed by the adult male, or is it a very freshly plumaged female? I didn't see any other female house finches today with which to compare. I also heard a Pine Siskin in Lindenhurst today while visiting someone. Richard BissLake Villa Lake County
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