Date: 5/11/18 9:58 am
From: Tom Sykes <sykes...>
Subject: [wisb] FYI- massive subscriber deletions
Once again several subscribers have been deleted from Wisbirdn. This time they are from the domain. Several other domains remain affected at this time including,,,,, plus a smattering of other small or specialized domains. These may or may not be dropped - we have no way of knowing.

Unfortunately whenever s subscriber’s account is hacked or someone tries to send an attachment to the list, it results in dozens of subscriber domains being put on a watchlist. They stay on the list for a while until they are unsubscribed or the error status is cleared with no consequences. When we notice someone’s account has been hacked we will remove the offending account until the subscriber let’s us know that their address is again safe…but the damage has already occurred no matter how quickly we react.

As stated before, neither Peter nor I have the authority to resubscribe (or for that matter subscribe anyone). The request has to be generated from the subscriber which we then can approve.

One domain that seems to consistently not be affected is Consider picking up a gmail account. You don’t have to drop your current domain whatever it may. Gmail is free and if all you only use it for is to subscribe to Wisbirdn, it may be worth taking the time to add a gmail account.

The result in being dropped is that you may not receive or post to the list until you are resubscribed. Which also means anyone who was dropped as of this last night will not see this post unless they are reading the ABA birding news where posts are mirrored: For that matter, if you suspect your account has been deleted, check the ABA address to see if you’ve been missing posts. If you are, chances are your account has been deleted.

We realize this is very frustrating - it certainly is for us because we see all the errant posts alerts when they occur. Daily. In future if a subscriber’s address is hacked more than once, they will not be allowed to rejoin using the same address.

Tom Sykes
Wisbirdn List Owner

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