Date: 5/11/18 9:50 am
From: Peter Fissel <peter.fissel...>
Subject: [wisb] Many "" addresses booted off Wisbirdn
Listowner Tom Sykes just let me know that a lot of our subscribers with "" email addresses were booted off of Wisbirdn by the Freelists server. This was probably caused by either spam emails from a hacked address, or people trying to post photos to the list, which causes other email servers to reject any emails from (i.e., all Wisbirdn messages) as suspicious.

To emphasize that last point, you cannot post photos directly to the list! You must provide a link to an online photo-sharing album or blog. Also, if your signature block includes any kind of graphics, that will be stripped out by the Freelists server, and may also result in some email servers rejecting Wisbirdn messages as "spam."

Unfortunately, neither Tom nor I can do a mass resubscription of all the booted addresses (it was most, but not all, of the addresses, although others could also be unsubscribed if there's another "incident" within the next three weeks. Most of the addresses have two "fatal" errors already, so they could go next.) There also are several other email domains on the Error Watch report, including,,, , and a few others. All we can do is hope that folks notice that they're not getting Wisbirdn emails and submit a new request to subscribe so Tom or I can approve it. If you know anyone that has an address, you might want to let them know, since they may not see this message unless they regularly check one of the archived versions of the list. As a reminder, you can check the archives at the link at the bottom of any Wisbirdn message: ( )

or at (linked off of the WSO website):

(;id3 )

or ( )

Most of these are updated pretty quickly, so if you see posts there that you haven't received, odds are you were booted off the list by the server.

And, since it wouldn't be a reminder email from me without mentioning it, PUT YOUR NAME/LOCATION on your posts! This message just doesn't seem to be getting through to people. It's there in the conditions that you agreed to abide by when you got your confirmation email from the server.

Okay - done nagging for now. Hope some of you can get out and bird between storms today. And good luck to the folks at the Horicon Bird Festival. May you be rewarded with some really good birds for putting up with lousy weather...

Peter Fissel

Wisbirdn Admin/Monitor Guy

Madison WI

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