Date: 5/11/18 6:40 am
From: Gail Miller <gail.miller...>
Subject: Link: Photos Lewis Crossing Shopping Center in Conway
The new Lewis Crossing Shopping Center in Conway (Sam's Club, etc.) is just
about a mile from my house. I go over there 'the back way' to avoid the new
round-about traffic. Last year; February 2017, I was going over to meet
some friends to eat at one of the new restaurants. Going my usual back way,
I looked over at the 'pond' behind the complex as I passed . that's just
nature for me to do that. I noticed a duck on the water. I swung by, had
my camera in the car and photographed a Red-breasted Merganser. Okay . my
interest was sparked, so I started visiting the area frequently.
Interesting birds/photos. This year, I added an Eastern Bluebird nest box
to the area as the bluebirds just seemed to be begging for a house. Within
days of putting it up, the bluebirds had moved in to build their nest.
Second year for a Canada Goose family. Scissor-tailed Flycatchers nested
there last year and are back this year. Green Heron is back, at least it's
close by, so I assume they will be at the water soon too.

Link to my photos are here, should anyone like to see the different species
I've photographed there.

Gail Miller

Conway (Faulkner Co.) AR

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