Date: 5/11/18 6:30 am
From: Bill Volkert <billvolkert11...>
Subject: [wisb] Spring Migration
Like most people, we finally had some new arrivals yesterday and it seems
that we are catching up on the slow start to spring. I have only been
birding on my land the last few weeks since we got back into the country,
but finally found 70 species around the house. I heard the first Tennessee
warbler singing repeatedly yesterday. This is a sign for me that we are at
the peak of the warbler migration.
I had one Tennessee show up quite early and also heard one singing last
week, but only a few times and not always a complete song. I have long
been saying that when this species is present in numbers and calling a lot,
this tells me that the warblers have peaked. Had several magnolias
yesterday, plus a total of 6 warblers as new for the year, but still no
Wilson's. Did have a Canada warbler in the marsh below our house which was
a highlight, but only 16 warblers for the day which isn't bad but missed
several that

I usually find 70 to 75 species at the peak of May migration here, so this
is a good sign that more birds are arriving. Like a lot of people, I have
had a number of new arrivals, but others that I would expect to be here
have not been sighted so far. Only one red-eyed vireo and no great-crested
flycatcher and still waiting for a few warblers and others.

Bill Volkert

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