Date: 5/10/18 11:44 pm
From: Paul Griffin <pgriffin1...>
Subject: Oak Park, Wichita
Hi Folks,

Quite a show in Oak Park today. A few of us thought the over night storms from the NW might cause a change in the migration patterns. Hoping we would see more warblers in Oak Park, which have been lacking so far this year. The Southeast corner of Oak Park has always been one of the favorite places for spring migrating birds to pass through Oak Park. They favor the just filled out with leaves, tall Burr oaks in that open meadow of Oak Park. And as expected the migrating birds were there today. I spent over 4 hours today videoing the many warblers, vireos, flycatchers, and others that apparently were affected by the overnight storm. But, after looking at all the video I took, (almost 200 short videos of different birds) some thing very strange took place. After over 4 hours of video with hundreds of birds going by in the tall oaks. The only warbler species I recorded were dozens of Yellows and Blackpolls, that went by for hours. I did have two single sighting of both a Black-throated green and a Orange-crowned. A few other warbler species were heard, but I didn’t record them on video. The highlight of the day, was a new sighting for me. A female, Western Tanager. Obvious, with its easily seen white wing bars. Here is a list of the more special birds.


Yellow, dozens
Blackpoll (m/f), dozens
Black throated-Green, 1
Orange-crowned, 1


Westen Tanager (f), 1
Philadelphia Vireo, 1
Blue-headed Vireo, 1
Warbling Vireo, many
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, 1

It does make me wonder, why so many Yellows and Blackpolls were massed together, with so few other warbler species with them. Maybe, they will show up tomorrow.

Happy Birding,

Paul Griffin, Wichita

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