Date: 5/10/18 5:15 pm
From: Steve Walter <swalter15...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Kentucky Warbler in Forest Park
It's a pretty normal sight to see bird chasing bird around the Forest Park
waterhole. Usually, it's the likes of Yellow-rumped Warbler, while the other
day some were continually blaming a Blue-winged for repeated aggression (I'm
not sure how justified that was). But how about this? I didn't see what the
chased bird was today, but the chaser stopped briefly in a tree about 15
feet away from me. It was a Kentucky Warbler.

I don't know about this radar business. Yea, there were some new birds
around today. But enough to make an impression on the radar? Well I can tell
this from the current radar. There's a nasty looking cluster of
thunderstorms in northwest New Jersey. If they hold together, they could
provide some replenishment to the rapidly diminishing water hole. The effect
on bird movement tonight? We'll see.

Steve Walter


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