Date: 5/10/18 5:11 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: A question/request about a location near lake wedington
I had no idea what to put as the subject there.
Once in a while I like to look at and for hotspots through Ebird. Today
I was poking around with that and/or google maps and I found this spot
around the corner from lake wedington that, well, has lots of thoughts
in my head. One being, what is it? Hopefully this nice long link will
work and show the location. The satellite image has it looking like a
fish hatchery type place with different ponds divided(a lot) by land.
Has me quite curious.  Is it privately owned? Would it be a good birding
I don't know when I'll have a chance to get down there and check it out
for myself so I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone was birding
down near lake wedington and felt like checking it out. :)  Maybe
someone already knows about it?

Daniel Mason

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