Date: 5/10/18 1:34 pm
From: Richard Guthrie <richardpguthrie...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [HMBirds] Century Run
Since this question came up elsewhere, I thought I'd offer the following:

For anyone not familiar with the Century Run, it is a time honored effort
to challenge area birders to team up to see who can come up with 100 or
more species in one predetermined date and within the HMBC Region
(NYSOA's11-county Region 8). There is also a competitive air to the event,
seeing which group can come up with the highest number of species for that
day and perhaps the highest number for all time relevant to prior Century
Runs. To maximize on the timing of migration, the date is sometime mid-May.
The day is defined as midnight to midnight on that chosen date. A team can
consist of any number of individuals but they all have to stay together
(within sight or ear-shout of the rest of the team). To count for the team
total, any claimed species must be seen or heard by a certain number (90%?)
of that team's participants.

Team results are forwarded to the HMBC coordinator by a certain date and
are then published in the club's newsletter.

I'm sure I've left a pertinent point or two out - and I'm not sure of that
90% rule. So if anyone has additional info to add, feel free to chime in.

Rich Guthrie

Richard Guthrie

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