Date: 5/10/18 12:19 pm
From: Mary Peterson <m_mpeterson...>
Subject: Pathfinder Parkway on 5-10-2018.
Hello All,

Melinda Droege and I walked the Pathfinder Parkway in Bartlesville this morning from the high school to just beyond the tanks and then up to almost to Adams and back. It was mostly cloudy with a few light showers at times. There were more migrants this morning than there have been recently. Highlights included:

Least flycatcher-5

Swainson's Thrush-6

Golden-winged Warbler-1

Nashville Warbler-1

Northern Parula-6

Yellow Warbler-3

Yellow-throated Warbler-2

Blackpoll Warbler-1

Prothonotary Warbler-4


Northern Waterthrush-1

Louisiana Waterthrush-1

Wilson's Warbler-1

Mark Peterson


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