Date: 5/10/18 10:13 am
From: Bud Poole <budpoole343...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Looking for best place to attempt to find purple gallinule at Fort Smallwood
Hi Kelsey, I've attached a map of Ft Smallwood with an arrow pointing from where you should look and the direction. Look to the back of the marsh along the base of those reeds across the marsh in the morning hours (I've heard the park opens as early as 5-5:30am). It is vibrant enough that you can see with your bins. A scope would be even better. I'm not sure about a better photographing spot. I used a 600mm Tamron and it still needed to be pulled way in with cropping. Documentation pics at best for me. Maybe someone else is aware of a spot to photograph it. You could get lucky and find it foraging closer to the hawkwatch. Scan the base of the "reeds" edging the marsh and any little islands or clumps of grass, if you don't see it in the first area I described.

Typically you'll find a birder that is kind enough to let you get a look through their scope but the bird has been there for awhile and the excitement has worn off a little. This means less folks. The Hawkwatch folks have been there at 9:30am according to their report. They may help you get eyes on it, but it also could be deep in the Phragmites by that time. Their May 9th report says they did not see it between 9:30am-2pm -!topic/mdbirding/L9x0icKiC4M

Hope this helped. Good luck!

Bud Poole
Patterson Park - Baltimore

On Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 10:31:11 AM UTC-4, Kelsey Wellons wrote:
> I've never been to the park before and am thinking about heading over very early (before 7 AM) in the next few days. Where would be the best location to attempt to look to photograph? And will I be able to see it well enough without binoculars? I was considering just looking for a possible group of people with binoculars and cameras but the marsh area is large.

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