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Hi Bob I received this from Sam. I go to Colebrook often as it's a good birding trail! Will I see you sat? 
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Below is a note I received from Tim Bilodeau of the Lancaster Water Department.   (Probably what is going unsaid here is that Ed Sampson (Town Manager), and the Selectmen have the ultimate decision authority about birders visiting the facility, and to my knowledge the matter has not been elevated to that level for a formal decision.)   I think in future encounters with Arlene a prudent approach would be to keep cool and respectful, but remind her that it is no longer her property and that the Water Department does not object to birders entering the facility for the purpose of viewing birds.    And, by the way, Water Street is a favorite walking place ---  several people walk their dogs along the street all the way around the corner to the end of the public road near the WTP building.  The dogs roam the farm fields along the way.   Also, I have encountered small groups of people who walk for exercise and walk on the WTP roads to see generally what is in or near the ponds.
The thing to realize about Arlene is that she is very much concerned with private property rights and the thought that "environmentalists" might discover some rare or endangered species could potentially impact private ownership rights.

Sam Stoddard

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Hello Sam, the WTP is a great place to view many different species of birds. I have worked for the Town of Lancaster for 25 years and I have never had any problems with fellow bird watchers. Every single bird enthusiast I had the chance to visit with we're very courteous and respectful of the facility. I really enjoyed reading the bird list you sent me on occasion, it has helped me to identify a lot of them.

Thank you, Tim

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Hi Lori,
I am sending a copy of this to Tim Bilodeau at the Lancaster Water Department in case he wishes to advise us any further about this.

I see from your NH Birds blog post that you have met Arlene Allen, who lives in the house near the WTP!   ---  Unfortunately she seems to think she has some right of oversight at the town-owned water treatment plant.  She has no such right to prevent you visiting the WTP for the purpose of viewing the birds.
I received permission to bird there from Tim Bilodeau who heads up the Water Department for the Town of Lancaster.  He has no problem with birders going in there as long as they stay safely on the roadways.  He was well aware of my frequent visits there and he is personally interested in the birds that show up there.  We have met and talked inside the WTP many times and I have shared my bird lists with him.  I have also met several other town employees there, who have never had a problem with my birding activities.
I am also sending this to Ann Griffin, a Lancaster resident, who also enjoys viewing the birds at the WTP and may have additional comment.

Sam Stoddard

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