Date: 5/10/18 6:20 am
From: dianemarie yates <maribird...>
Subject: Re: Orioles gone?
I, too, enjoyed over a dozen orioles for about two weeks, being careful to keep oranges and grape jelly refreshed. At first I thought it was my presence outside Monday that ran them off—doing some spring repairs on the garden shed window boxes. In denial, I guess, that no matter what I do, the tornado took my cherry trees and I’ve never had the mulberries some claim attract them, so it’s a temporary thing. There’s still one immature male lagging behind and yesterday I saw a 1st-year female in the afternoon (my guess—mostly yellow.) But a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks and a male blue grosbeak & male painted bunting keep me in heaven a little longer.

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Subject: Re: Orioles gone?

I thought they were gone for good yesterday but by afternoon, I was seeing them again, mostly on the suet though. I haven’t checked for them yet this morning. Sure have enjoyed them while they were here!

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I have noticed far fewer orioles every day this week. First thing this morning I could hear them in the trees, but their interest in oranges, jelly, etc. is waning, so I'm thinking they are finding more of the insects they need in the trees and only coming for dessert.

Ninestone, Carroll County

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At one point, I had 30 Baltimore Orioles in the yard. I think I saw 2 day before yesterday. I did not see any yesterday. Sure was fun while they were here though! I have a Gray Catbird coming to the jelly and Summer Tanagers for oranges. I’ve also seen a Carolina Chickadee eating oranges.

Gail Miller
Conway (Faulkner Co. AR)

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Subject: Orioles gone?

I had six or more Baltimore Orioles every day until The Day I Ran Out Of Oranges. It was just one day but the new oranges I put out 24 hours ago are almost untouched.

Jim Dixon
Little Rock<>
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