Date: 5/9/18 6:39 pm
From: Songbird Captures <songbirdcaptures...>
Subject: Bobwhite Quail males, Juvenile Orchard Oriole male, Black and White Warbler, Hooded Merganser Mama with Ducklings,
> 5-7-18 Palarm Creek-Mayflower: Black and White Warbler and Juvenile
> Orchard Oriole Male. I've also seen Orchard Orioles along with Baltimores,
> Summer Tanagers at Camp Robinson WMA
> 5-8-18 Camp Robinson WMA: Hooded Merganser hen with 5 very young ducklings
> in the nursery pond, 2 Male Bobwhite Quail. I see Quail often there since
> they were reintroduced there. The largest covey I've seen there is 13 and
> 11 at the Camp Robinson SUA

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