Date: 5/9/18 10:31 am
From: Cappy Popp <cappy.popp...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Woodcock w fledgling at Hellcat
Take immediate left at Hellcat Interpretive Trail sign. When you go
~5-10' past the men's bathroom on your left, look left. You'll see a
tree limb snapped off (about 6" diameter) about 5' off ground snagged
in another shrub. The end of the limb will be facing you and is quite
bright compared to surrounding vegetation (almost white). Look 6-8'
past the end of limb (South) on the ground. Mother (assumed) and
fledgling were feeding @1245P. Will have (not great iPhone) images on
eBird later.

Please be mindful of her and her fuzzy-headed baby! She's very
skittish, even for a woodcock.

Good birding,
Cappy Popp
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