Date: 5/9/18 8:05 am
From: Tom Lawler <tjlawler...>
Subject: [COBOL] Cabin Lake
Please excuse the cross post. Some of you may be aware that the upper blind
at Cabin Lake was being rebuilt. The new blind is basically finished. It is
ready for you to use. There is still some minor finish work to complete and
I will do that on my next visit. Three of us did all the work on this blind.
I am very grateful for the help from Kara Jakse and Bob Sizzo. Without their
help this project would have never been completed. No one else volunteered
to help! There are pictures of the new blind on my Friends of Cabin Lake
Facebook page and East Cascades Audubon Society FB page.

The water is turned on to both guzzlers.

If you want to know what is going on at Cabin Lake I am good at posting info
on my Friends of Cabin Lake Facebook page. I am pretty bad about posting it
elsewhere. I also post my sightings to ebird if anyone wants to see what is
going on.

As (about) the only person that takes care of this place I would like to
remind everyone that if you brought it to Cabin Lake then take it with you.
I wish to think of birders as people that care about the environment. Most
of us do but there are those that don't. Yesterday I picked up a soda bottle
laying in front of the lower blind. I pick up all sorts of trash at this
location for a good part of the year. Trash includes cat food cans (why are
these here?), food wrappers, water jugs (take them with you), zip ties and
on and on. Photographers think they need to haul in all sorts of foliage so
they can photograph birds. Guess who has to clean up all this stuff that you
just leave laying around when you leave. Yep, that would be me. Take it back
with you! Is it that difficult to clean up a little after you are done?

Don't leave wood in the water bowls. It makes the water quite yucky while it
is rotting away. Don't fill the bowls with rocks! Come on
everyone...wildlife are using these water bowls. In fact don't leave
anything in the water bowls. Please note that I do put a small flat bathing
rock in the lower bowl for the birds to stand on and that is it.

If you bring water dump it into the cisterns. The upper one is real easy to
find! The cistern to the lower guzzler is to the east and a little walk to
get there. I have already brought over 200 gallons of water this year to
fill the cisterns.

Bring some suet (four blocks) to put into the suet feeders. Leave in the
plastic backing unless you bring no melt suet. It just keeps the feeders in
a little better shape. If you put in suet take the empty plastic container
with you. Don't just leave it on the old container on the ground.

Lastly don't complain about anything at Cabin Lake. I am a volunteer. I
don't get paid for this! No one pays for my gas or time. I try to get up
there every 10-14 days from May-November. If you don't like the way the
place looks then clean it up. If you don't like that the suet feeders are
empty then bring some. Leave extra suet in the upper blind. There is also a
broom in the upper blind so you can sweep out any dirt tracked in. Feel free
to use this handy tool!

If you would like to make a donation to help with the upkeep of Cabin Lake
then please donate to East Cascades Audubon Society. If you see an issue
that needs to be fixed at Cabin Lake please let me know.

Have fun and enjoy the birds.



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