Date: 5/9/18 7:19 am
From: Tim Spahr <tspahr44...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Juvenile Red Crossbills; Evening Grosbeaks (Windsor & Savoy)
Hi Birders,

I poked around Norway Spruce groves in Windsor and Savoy again yesterday,
and managed to find over a dozen Red Crossbills and a few Evening
Grosbeaks. Crossbills were present in Windsor Sate Forest and Savoy
Mountain State Forest. In the checklists below, I've put the pins exactly
where I had crossbills. Note I looked at every good stand of Norway
Spruces I could find, so I hit lots of individual spots.

Each group of crossbills I encountered had at least one juvenile. Pretty
exciting stuff! I doubt I can claim 'confirmed breeding' in these
locations as finches are notorious for long flights when soon out of the

In addition to the crossbills, the warbler show was fantastic, including an
adult male Cape May that got within a few feet while I was recording

As always, if anyone has questions, please reply off list. I have a few
more good-looking Norway Spruce stands out there I'd love to check in the
coming months.

good birding!

Tim Spahr

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