Date: 5/9/18 6:33 am
From: <wolfies.hound...>
Subject: [COBOL] Lively evening
Last night about 7:30 pm my husband told me to come check out the bird activity in the flowering apple and cherry trees in the NE corner of the yard. Binocs in hand I headed over and was treated to the most warbler activity I have ever seen in the yard! The trees were alive with Wilson's warblers, Yellow warblers, at least one Orange-crowned warbler and a quick look at what I think was a Nashville rather than a MacGilllivray's warbler (eye ring quite obvious; something about it said Nashville over a MacG). It was flashes of bits of yellows amidst the white flower blossoms for a half hour before I headed back inside. I'll be back out tonight to see what can be had!

One unusual "hearing" in the yard on Sunday morning: an American Crow. New yard bird. I was out in the yard with a friend when we both heard it, looked at each other and went "What's a crow doing out here?!". / In the past few days, since switching out one hummingbird feeder and putting up a 2nd I have seen a Calliope, an Anna's, and yesterday my first Rufous.

Sue Tank
About 10 miles N of Sisters

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