Date: 5/8/18 8:35 pm
From: Mary Ann Good via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Cape May Warblers galore (15+), Saturday in Loudoun Co.
Sorry for the very late report, but it just occurred to me that I meant to
pass this on. Interestingly, while several reports in the interim have
mentioned Cape May Warblers, no one has remarked on particularly high
numbers of Cape Mays lately (which I think of as being one of the less
common warblers here in spring).

I was stunned at the number of Cape Mays I encountered on a 2-hour walk in
the meadows and light woods behind my house just south of Purcellville
(Lincoln), Loudoun County on Saturday, 5/5. I first ran across a flock of
at least 5, which I enjoyed for some minutes as they gleaned in a small
tree near me. Moving on, I kept encountering more and more--they were
nearly as ubiquitous as the Yellow-rumps! All told, I found at least 15
Cape Mays, possibly more. And this was on a route that I don't usually
consider to be very warbler-y.

I'd be interested if anyone else noticed unusual numbers of them in recent

Mary Ann Good
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