Date: 5/8/18 3:26 pm
From: M Gonzalez <towhee...>
Subject: [COBOL] Sawyer Park -- Canada Goose with metal leg band
Greetings COBOLers,

I visited Sawyer Park during the lunch hour. No luck relocating the Emperor Goose. Guess that qualifies as the proverbial wild goose chase.

Did notice that one of the adult Canada Geese has a metal band on its left leg. The goose was with recent fledglings near the private feeders on the upstream west bank. Others have no doubt observed these geese hanging out under the bird feeders and gobbling up the easy pickings. I didn't notice the band until I looked at photos later in the day. Those photos are in the eBird checklist for the outing.

If you visit Sawyer Park, please keep your eyes open for this goose. With young goslings, I think this goose will stay put for a while. If you can get a better read on the band number, please do so and submit the number to US Fish and Wildlife Services.

Good birding,


Mark Gonzalez
Bend, Oregon
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